Want to learn more about what Councils are doing to combat the climate and ecological crises?  Want to help communities make their Council take Climate Action seriously? Interested in gaining experience of local policy, initiatives and best practice?

Then Climate Emergency UK’s free, online, 3 week Local Climate Training Programme is the place to start!

Local authorities are increasingly ambitious in their plans to tackle climate change. More than 300 have declared climate emergencies, and most have published plans to deliver against ambitious Net Zero targets. Local authorities have a range of existing levers that can be used to deliver local action that reduces emissions and help adapt local areas to a changing climate.

Our workshops, alongside the practical experience of assessing local climate action plans, are designed to help you develop your knowledge, skills and experience around local climate policy and action. Your assessments will also help create a new National Scoring System for local authorities – helping your community and other people around the UK understand how well Councils are tackling the climate crisis, who’s doing well and what is possible. During the programme you will be part of a cohort of people (maximum 30) who share your passion for environmental justice and local action.

The Training Programme will help you understand:

  • The powers local authorities have to tackle the climate crisis.
  • The actions local authorities are taking to tackle the climate crisis.
  • What makes a good Council Climate Action Plan.

We will also have workshops from educational, policy and campaigning experts to give you a strong foundation in local climate action. 

The Dates:

We are hoping to run two cohorts of the training programme:

The First Cohort will be on:

  • Tuesday 10th August – Monday 30th August. You will need to be free for the following dates:
    • Tuesday 10th August, 2pm-5pm – Local Climate Action Training
    • Wednesday 11th August, 5pm-7pm – Scoring System Training
    • Friday 13th August, 4pm-5pm – First Check-in
    • Monday 30th August, 4pm-5pm – Final Handover & Certificate Ceremony

Applications for the first cohort are now shut. Please apply for our second cohort below using the application form.

The Second Cohort will be on:

  • Monday 6th September – Friday 24th September. You will need to be free for the following dates:
    • Monday 6th September, 2pm-5pm – Local Climate Action Training
    • Tuesday 7th September, 5pm-7pm – Scoring System Training
    • Thursday 9th September, 4pm-5pm – First Check-in
    • Friday 24th September, 4pm-5pm – Final Handover & Certificate Ceremony

The Deadline to apply for the second cohort is 10am on Friday 27th August

Those on the training programme will be able to manage their time but must be able to make the dates and sessions listed. Both cohorts will be 3 weeks and have the exact same programme of events. We will have one webinar a week from either climate officers, councillors and other experts. While these will be part of the training if you are unable to make the session they will be recorded (if the participating organisation/individual consents to recording). A full schedule will be sent out a week before the start of the Training. So please indicate on your application which cohort would suit you.

Who is this programme for?

In order to apply you must be:

  • Aged over 18
  • Able to commit to approx. 15 hours a week for three weeks
  • Based anywhere in the UK
  • Have reliable internet access and access to a computer
  • You do not need to have previous environmental related experience or a relevant degree. 

Other than that, anyone can apply to be on this programme. We are particularly looking for people who:

  • Are passionate about tackling climate change and sustainability
  • Have an interest in supporting climate action in their local communities
  • Are interested in a career in environmental policy or advocacy (or just enjoy this as a hobby!)
  • Able to use Google Docs and SLACK. Although you will receive training in both.

You do not need to have environmental experience or a relevant degree. However, those who will get the most out of the programme are passionate about the environment and sustainability, with a desire to change their local communities.

If you are not able to commit to the training programme but would still like to be involved in scoring local authority climate action plans then please read our page on becoming a Volunteer Assessor.