Shetland Islands Council has formally acknowledged a “global climate emergency”.

The declaration comes after a petition from Climate Action Shetland, with over 700 signatures, was handed to the council on Wednesday morning.

Climate Action Shetland members present their petition to SIC convener Malcolm Bell. From left: Isa Kristiansen-Bragg, Jim Sutherland, Mr Bell, Isla Johnson, Brian Ashley and Laura Bisset. Photo: Dave Donaldson

At that morning’s meeting of the full council members of Climate Action Shetland were invited to present their case to the chamber.

Brian Ashley told councillors that two-thirds of Scottish councils had already declared a climate emergency and said that the SIC could set an example to the local community by joining them.

“It is on our watch to decide the future of our children and our grandchildren”, he said.

A report on climate change prepared by council officials was considered shortly after Climate Action Shetland’s presentation.

In addition to endorsing the report’s aims and approving funding councillors also approved a motion which said that “action is required”.

Council leader Steven Coutts proposed a motion stating: “The evidence is irrefutable and the science is clear. Action is required.”

He said: “The issue now is that we are at that tipping point. We have delayed this for so long. What we need now is a global step-change.”

In addition to the climate change report councillors also discussed the Shetland Energy Hub project this week. The project counts reducing emissions from Sullom Voe as a key aim.

For full details see Friday’s Shetland Times.