The Net Zero Newcastle 2030 Action Plan has been developed in response
to the Climate Change Emergency announced by Cabinet in April 2019. It
is also a response to the Climate Change Act which requires the UK to be
Net Zero by 2050.
1.2 The Action Plan is a firm commitment from Newcastle City Council and key
partners and stakeholder to respond to the Climate Change Emergency.
The report identifies key actions that must be delivered in the short, medium
and long term to deliver a city-wide Net Zero status by 2030.
2.0 Why is the proposal being put forward?
It is imperative that a concerted, timely, co-ordinated and collaborative
effort is made by all city organisations, businesses and residents to
achieve Net Zero status for the City. Without the will, the commitment
and the ambition from everyone, achieving Net Zero will not be possible.
Climate change remains the challenge of our generation. It is clear from
the scientific evidence that the impacts and severity of climate change
are stark and accelerating in severity. Every city has a role to play to
make changes to achieve Net Zero.
An integral part of the Action Plan is to promote everyone playing a part
and to set out a combined vision and series of actions that we can all
take to achieve Net Zero. This includes individual sustainability actions
as well as targeted decarbonisation actions for a range of organisations
including SMEs, large businesses, public sector organisations, charities,
infrastructure operators and service providers
To successfully deliver the Net Zero commitment, an ongoing and
concerted effort must be made by everyone. This will involve continuing
with the dialogue with everyone within the City. It is important that the
relevant sections within the Action Plan are understood by those who are
required to contribute to their delivery. In order to ensure this happens,
we will be preparing accessible and easy to understand themed ‘pull
outs’ from the Action Plan that will be aimed at appropriate target
2.5 We will also ask residents, organisation and businesses to sign a ‘pledge’
that will demonstrate their commitment to achieving Net Zero.
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3.0 Impact of the proposal
The overwhelming impact the implementation of the Action Plan will have
on the City and its residents will be a cleaner and greener environment as
well as increasing inward investment in the City from accessing and
deploying low carbon public sector funds and leveraging private sector
investment to deliver our low carbon transition.
There are expected to be positive impacts from the Net Zero transition,

  • For the economy.
  • For individuals.
  • For the local environment.
    The plan will make recommendations on key climate change adaptation
    actions that should be taken by the City in order to address the worst
    impacts of climate change on the City infrastructure, residents and
    Solutions will not happen overnight. Instead they require long-term
    investment in the city’s infrastructure, economy and housing, as well as
    behaviour change from communities and businesses.
    We must grow our business base and jobs in the ‘new’ low carbon economy
    through product and service innovation, reskilling and addressing poverty to
    ensure an inclusive society that challenges social inequality. This will mean
    using short term economic stimulus money as a springboard for delivering
    sustained and ambitious low carbon economic growth, and leveraging much
    greater private sector investment.
    4.0 Timescales for delivery
    4.1 The Action Plan will also have many challenging actions that will be
    delivered in the short, medium and long term in order to achieve Net Zero
    by 2030. The Actions are captured in Part 4 of the Plan and the timescales
    for delivering these actions are:
     Short term (2020 – 2023)
     Medium term (2024 – 2027)
     Long term (2028 – 2030)