East Hampshire District Council Climate and Environment Strategy 2020-2025
Foreword Julie Butler – Portfolio Holder

I am pleased to introduce the Climate and Environment Strategy 2020-2025 which will drive change. The climate crisis and the negative impact on our environment affects every resident in East Hampshire and beyond. It is the most important challenge we face, and we must work together to tackle it.
We declared a Climate and Environment Emergency on 19 July 2019. Our work so far has considered options and consulted stakeholders and shaped this strategy. I chair two Cabinet Liaison Panels, made up elected members from across the political parties. They will work to inspire change, lobby for funding and be the voices in their local communities.
This spring, 2020, the unforeseen impact of a pandemic has radically changed the way we behave and work, demonstrating how adaptable we can be. We want use lessons learned from the response to Covid-19 to take action for the climate emergency.
A changing climate has profound implications for the lives of everyone today, and for future generations as well. It directly influences how your Council plans to meet the needs of everyone in the district. But it is also everyone’s responsibility to make changes to address the crisis. We want to take an inclusive approach and maintain a dialogue on climate issues
though our Let’s Talk initiative. There will be benefits if we get this right: energy-efficient buildings, affordable renewable
energy, sustainable transport, food security, improved local biodiversity, and opportunities to
strengthen enterprises of all types in the transition to a low-carbon economy.
This Strategy sets out East Hampshire District Council’s vision for the Climate and
Environment. We lead by tackling our operational direct and indirect emissions. We will work
in partnership with the South Downs National Park for sustainable development through
Planning policy. And we will take action to support our residents, communities, and
businesses to deliver a low-carbon economically vibrant future for East Hampshire.
I am determined this strategy will enable everyone to pay their part in addressing the climate
and environment emergency and look forward to working in partnership for a better future.
Cllr Julie Butler