Daventry District Council declared a climate emergency in February 2020, when councillors agreed a raft of measures in a bid to tackle the issue.

They include setting targets for the reduction of emissions and promoting the wide range of support and funding that is available to help residents and businesses be more environmentally friendly.

There are pledges to look at ways to further reduce the Council’s carbon emissions, as well as to work with other local councils to make improvements.

Other actions, such as requiring new-build homes to have heat pumps and/or solar panels, and making developers pay towards measures to offset carbon emissions, are also being explored.

The new West Northamptonshire Council will be urged to take up the mantle once this Council is abolished in April 2021.

The Action Plan

A total of 20 measures were agreed by councillors, following the findings of a cross-party task panel of councillors which was set up to explore the issue in summer 2019. The task panel report can be viewed here.

The task panel spoke to a range of experts and other councils during the course of their work, as well as taking into account the views of residents.

More information on Daventry Council website

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