Citizen’s Assemblies & Juries

Citizen’s Assemblies & Juries

Oxford’s Citizens Assembly

The Oxford Citizens Assembly on Climate Change will involve a randomly-selected representative sample of 50 Oxford residents who will learn about climate change and explore different options to cut carbon emissions through a combination of presentations from experts...

Camden Citizen’s Assembly

In July 2019, Camden held the UK’s first Citizens' Assembly on the climate crisis. Over three sessions, Assembly members considered evidence from climate scientists, environmentalists and community energy practitioners, before developing their proposals on how Camden...

Cambridge Citizen’s Assembly

How do we reduce congestion, improve air quality, and provide better public transport in Greater Cambridge? To help us answer this question, a group of people came together for four days at the Greater Cambridge Citizens’ Assembly to help solve this key issue for the...

Leeds Citizen’s Jury

A Citizens’ Jury has its first meeting tonight to discuss Leeds’ response to the climate emergency. The jury of 25 has been put together by Leeds Climate Commission working with Shared Future CIC. It has been tasked with producing recommendations that will be used to...

RSA – Citizen’s Assemblies

Six select committees of the UK Parliament have announced plans to hold a citizens’ assembly on “combating climate change and achieving the pathway to net zero carbon emissions”. Riley Thorold explores the significance of this announcement and argues that a more...

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  1. Tom Walsh

    Here in Merton we are just starting on this journey.


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