In March 2019 the Council passed a motion to declare
a Climate Change Emergency. In April 2019, the
Council adopted the Joint Public Health Strategy.
The Strategy included the key aim:
‘To become a “carbon neutral” County and to
mitigate the likely impact of existing climate
In June, the Government announced an amend to
the Climate Change Act 2008 to require net United
Kingdom carbon emissions to be zero by 2050. The
Council is committed to achieving net zero greenhouse
gas emissions (GHG) at the earliest possible date.
The Joint Public Health Strategy sets out a vision
for a Healthier Cumbria based on the five capitals,
taking inspiration from the World Health Organization’s
Healthy Cities Model. The future for a healthier
Cumbria can be seen as having five key components:
Planet: Cumbria’s natural environment, from our
world-class landscapes to the centre of our towns,
will be protected and enhanced. Sustainability will be
at the heart of future development and Cumbria will
reduce its ecological footprint even as it develops
People: Everyone in Cumbria will have the
opportunity to develop and use their skills and
talents in a way that recognises the value they bring
to society and to enjoy a varied and fulfilling life.
Participation: Cumbrian communities will be
strong, resilient and inclusive, with well developed
social networks and widespread engagement with
community life.
Place: Cumbria’s physical infrastructure will promote
health and wellbeing, with good quality housing,
a high-quality urban environment and good access
to the services needed for a healthy lifestyle.
Prosperity: Cumbria’s economy will develop
sustainably, with growth particularly focused on
tackling poverty and providing quality employment
for all.

Download Carlisle Climate Change Strategy