This Basingstoke and Deane and Deane Borough Council Climate Change and Air Quality Strategy sets out a framework for us to take action to tackle
these issues and meet the ambitious targets set out in our Climate Emergency declaration, in particular:
• Becoming carbon neutral in council operations by 2025
• Working towards Basingstoke and Deane borough being carbon neutral by 2030.
• The strategy sets out our starting baseline position of carbon emissions for the council and borough as a whole, in order to enable us to target action.
• For the council, main sources of emissions are from council buildings and the leisure facilities, closely followed by fleet and waste vehicles.
• Transport represents the largest source of emissions within the wider borough (c.50%), with remaining emissions from residential
and industrial and commercial sources (c.25% each).
• The borough has no areas that currently breach air quality pollution limits, but does have a robust monitoring regime in place.

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