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Published: 16th May 2019, 12:14pm Climate change is the primary concern for young people across...

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Climate and Ecological Newsletter 2

There has been a lull in the number of Councils declaring a ‘Climate Emergency’ since our last Newsletter, no doubt due to the local elections. With the Greens gaining 185 seats across the country, there will no...

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The Council decided to debate Parts 1 & 4 but refer the other sections of the motion to the Scrutiny Committee. There were 38 votes for declaring a ‘Climate Emergency and calling on the “Welsh and UK Governments...

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Online Conference

Main Room 10am Welcome from Mayor & short speeches11am Turning Resolutions into action - Alan Simpson12pm What does a Green New Deal mean for the UK?1.30pm Roger Hallam - Extinction Rebellion2pm Making & implementing a...

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Choose Workshops

Please choose whether you would like to order food on the day, and make your choice of 4 workshops (full list here). Menu (all vegan) Lentil Soup served with bread Hummus served with crudites and pitta bread Fattoush which is a...

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