“On 25 September 2019, Allerdale Borough Council agreed a motion relating to climate change and made a specific commitment to reducing carbon emissions. The full motion is attached at Appendix
. The Overview and Scrutiny Committee was requested to consider how Council could respond to the commitments in the motion and a Task and Finish Group (TFG) was set up to lead this work. The TFG met a number of times and held a workshop for external stakeholders to discuss our emerging thinking and to feed in any information they felt was relevant. The group has also considered the petition presented to the Council on 11 December 2019, which was integrated into its consideration
of the motion. The list of Members of the TFG is attached at Appendix B and a report from the stakeholder workshop is attached as Appendix E.
As part of its work, the TFG received presentations on a number of different topics, including the Council’s Local Plan and Cumbria’s Joint Health Strategy. It also considered information from other local authorities (e.g. Stroud District Council and South Lakes District Council), as well as other
bodies such as Friends of the Earth and Zero Carbon Britain. The key documents considered by the TFG are listed in Appendix D.

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